$30 / 1 instance(s)


Fully automated bot for The (Corrupted) Gauntlet


Start the bot within the Gauntlet lobby area. Very high combat stats are recommended for the Corrupted Gauntlet (85+) together with CoX prayers


$30 per instance, however if you are buying 2 or more it is $20. Create a ticket in the discord for this


The bot will always use a range/mage setup, meleeing (halberd) is not yet supported. The bot will flick your prayer when we have no more prayer potions and we are low on prayer

Do the Corrupted Gauntlet

Select this if you want the bot to do the corrupted gauntlet instead of the normal Gauntlet

Health to eat at

Set this to the hitpoint count you want to eat at (NOT THE PERCENTAGE)

Food (fish) to gather (max 20)

Amount of food to gather in The Gauntlet, for maxed combat accounts you can make due with just 12, for weaker accounts 16 or 20 is recommended (DO NOT GO OVER 20)

Potions to gather (max 3)

Amount of potions to make in the gauntlet. 3 is recommended (DO NOT GO OVER 3), especially if you are using "Flick redemption"

Make armor (t1)

If we should make t1 armour, this should almost always be on. If this setting is not enabled, we will not make any armor

Get two t3 weapons

If we should make two t3 weapons, this should always be on (for now), without this we will make two t2 weapons

(Coming soon) Get one t3 weapon

(Coming soon) Will gather one t3 weapon depending on the first demi boss you find

(Coming soon) 5:1

(Coming soon)

Flick redemption

The bot will flick redemption on when we are low, I would recommend having this on (make sure to gather enough potions)

Enable paint rendering

This will enable all extra rendering that happens e.g. highlighting the resources and the boss fight room tiles, I would recommend having this setting off to save on performance