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Why Inubot?

Antiban Focused

Here at Inubot, we prioritize safety over everything. The temple that powers this is the dumb pony model that we've developed. This allows us to use your data to employ human mouse movements and behaviours using the sophisticated algorithms and patterns that we have in place. This minimizes the risk of any bot detection, allowing users to confidently engage in botting any activity they want.

Advanced API

The age of the traditional loop scripting system is dead, Inubot boasts an advanced tick synchronized scripting system which works parallel to the game with unprecedented efficiency and smoothness. The API integrates a wide array of modules, ranging from lower to higher level functions. All of this combined ensures adaptability to the dynamic landscape of RuneScape and offers a level of control, precision and efficiency unmatched in the scene.

C++ Client

Inubot provides interoperability with the new RuneScape C++ desktop client. This is inherently safer than bots that appear as the Java client, as we can easily ensure a safe client footprint while also enabling access to features only available on the C++ client.

And if you weren't sold already

Jagex Account Support

Communication Server

Fast Updates

Tick Perfect Scripts

Proxy Support (SOCKS & HTTP)

Resource Efficient


Proprietary Interaction

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