Corrupted Gauntlet Released


The best OSRS bot on the market

Why Inubot

Antiban Focused

Advanced "dumb pony" model uses sophisticated algorithms to mimic human mouse movements.

Advanced API

Modern tick-synchronized scripting system, featuring a versatile API with modules for all function levels.

C++ Client

Inubot provides interoperability with the new RuneScape C++ desktop client.

Communication Server

Opt-in websocket server integrated into our API for seemly communcation between accounts.

Proprietary Interaction

Advanced interaction system built upon doaction, coined dogaction.

Resource Efficient

Low overhead due to using the standalone client, versus using a RuneLite client.

Fast Updates

State of the art reversing tools to ensure quick updates after updates to game.


What all do I need to purchase?

Does Inubot recieve Third Party Client (3pc) bans?

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